Our Conveyor

Performance Powder Inc. uses a customized conveyor system to improve performance and increase speed. In order to ensure proper adhesion and cure our line contains a 6 stage pretreatment washer.  Performance Powder Inc. maintains one of the largest conveyors in the Southern California area and can accommodate some of the largest parts. We also offer masking to protect vital areas that do not need coating.

For jobs that require graphics we can utilize our automated silkscreen for flat parts.

Powder coating by conveyor saves time and reduces costs by automating labor and other intensive production procedures. For parts that are too large for our conveyor, we also offer on site batching. Customer pick up and delivery are also available depending on your needs. To learn more about our capabilities and quoting information, feel free to call us.

Our Batch

Performance Powder Inc. has the ability to coat large parts using our batch method. If the part can be transported on a 53 foot truck, we can coat it.

We are able to mask areas and perform all preparation necessary to ensure a high quality and durable coating. We are able to coat parts that require multiple colors.

Our batch is located on site for convenience and cost savings. Call us to find out more about our batch capabilities or quoting information.

Our Sandblast

Performance Powder Inc. utilizes on site sandblasting to improve turnaround. We have three different blasters to accommodate a wide variety of parts and requirements.

Sandblasting removes contaminates and irregularities that can negatively affect powder coating. By sandblasting parts proper adhesion and cure can be achieved creating a more durable and longer lasting finish.

At Performance Powder we also use a burn off oven to remove unwanted coatings and residue.

We offer competitive pricing, call to find out more about our current sandblast rate and capabilities.



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